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2019-2020 Automechanika Shanghai

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China International Automobile Trade Fair (CIAPE) | Shanghai Automobile, Auto parts and Supplies Exhibition 

China International Automobile Trade Fair (CIAPE) is an international and professional exhibition platform built by the Chinese government to meet the needs of large automobile production and sales and build the whole industrial chain, so as to meet the growing demand of domestic and foreign automobile markets. It is not only the bridge for the implement of automobile industry about "One Belt And One Road" strategic, but also the platform for introduction, digestion, absorption and innovationIt not only displays the strength of Chinese automobile products, but also displays foreign advanced technologies, products, management models and business models. Therefore, create more opportunities through communication and cooperation. It is the booster of the overall level improvement and innovative development of China's automobile industry and the standardized development of the automobile after-sales market.

        CIAPE moved from Beijing to Shanghai in October 2013. The area is 120,000 square meters. A total of 130,000 visitors from 55 countries will come to visit the fair, which has attracted extensive attention from many sides. Compared with last year, the 2019 China International Auto Fair has been significantly improved in terms of exhibition scale, industry coverage, exhibition content, contemporaneity activities, professional audience organization and service level. During the fair,There will be held an activity that Business corps from more than 100 countries will bring entrepreneurs from their own countries to the fair site to discuss purchasing and exchange cooperation with enterprises from China and other countries. With the relevant preferential policies of various countries and the development advantages of the automobile industry, many companies want to  attract Chinese enterprises to invest overseas, jointly seek mutually beneficial development and win-win business opportunities.

        CIAPE was successfully held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 12-14, 2019The exhibition attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions, including international delegations from Japan, South Korea and Mexico, with a total exhibition area of more than 120,000 square meters. A total of 130,000 visitors from 55 countries and regions, attended the exhibition, with 37,000 professional visitors,including China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, etc.,. The scene of the exhibition is so unprecedented that its popularity exceeds the domestic similar professional exhibition.

【CIAPE Character】

1. The only international and professional display platform for national automobile products in China

2. Automobile commodity trading platform built by China's independent whole industrial chain

3. Promote the integration of the traditional automobile industry and the emerging Internet industry

4. Facing domestic and foreign supporting markets and after-sales markets

5. Hold heavyweight summits, policy and regulation talks, new technology press conferences, supply and supply docking conferences and other activities at the same time

6.IASCA World Cup car Audio 72-hour on-site installation Competition

7. The audience is from the global automotive and related sectors

【Exhibits Range】

● Components and components: automobile driving parts, chassis, body, electronics and electrical appliances, etc. Automobile internal and external, driving power electronic control system and other components;

● Accessories and modification: auto parts, special equipment, modification service performance system and improved design;

● Automobile maintenance equipment, special repair tools, spray paint, lift, body repair, calibration equipment,

● Automobile detection and diagnosis instruments and equipment, measurement tools, microcomputer system, other related equipment.

● Automotive service products: automotive explosion-proof film, thermal insulation cotton, shading products, car cover, carpet, shift lock, peach wood trim, etc

● Car audio and video equipment: car audio, car TV, car DVD, GPS car satellite navigation system,

● Automotive environmental protection products and testing equipment.

【Well-known Exhibitors】

International section:

Bosch, denso, aisin seiki, Ed cox, Delphi, continental group, berg warner, Toyota textile, modern, and modern, and modern adai moss, pirelli, Goodyear, NGK, Japan seiko, Hitachi, gibbs, asimco, tenneco, Johnson controls, gerth lakshmi, lane, dow corning, shell, Lear, alpine electronics, pioneer electronics, kenwood electron, Omaha, snap-on, etc.

Domestic parts:

Wanxiang group, weichai power, saic hualand auto parts, dongfeng auto parts, xiang torch, yuchai machine, the rich, faw, faw tin firewood, faw sihuan, shaanxi, sanhuan, wanfeng OTT, liaoning shuguang axle, youth group, the qijiang count gear, fuyao glass, binzhou piston, yizheng, gold kylin group corporation, datong gear, susquehanna zhengxing wheel, wenzhou sheng crown, Beijing sichuan and auto parts, transformers, jingxi heavy industry, chang hui science and technology group, the meaning, the engine, the horse group, wing Luke group, jiangyin molding, chongqing jiang die-casting, faith groups and vie group, zhejiang silver, Rayleigh group, Asia Pacific electromechanical,

Zhuzhou spark plug, Xiangyang Bearing, Chutian Laser, COFCO Group, Beidou Multiplex, 10% Technology, Nanhua, Quanta, Sanyuan, Lianchuang, CUHK, Yuanzheng, Avo Yit, Spenes, Charles Letter, Baike Machinery, Jiarui Group, Renxing Group, etc.

Vehicle parts:

General motors, Toyota, BMW group, tesla, faw group, changan group, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, Beijing auto group, sinotruk, Great Wall motor, chery, geely, jianghuai automobile, zhongtai automobile, jiangling automobile, brilliance, byd, Mr Fukuda, saic wuling, dongfeng yulong, yutong buses, hagrid bus, jinlong coach and youth coach, zhongtong coach, zongshen, lifan, qianjiang, Emma and so on.

Fast Belt Co,. Ltd.

  The market publicity also achieved better results than expected, especially the three beautiful models invited in the activity, which attracted a large number of customers for our exhibition area; At the same time, the wonderful auto show also won a large number of customers to the trading market, and endless customers to the store for negotiation. All in all, we did a really good job at the auto show. Looking back at the past, the company's achievements are condensed by all colleagues' efforts and sweat; Looking forward to the future, the company in everyone's struggle will be grand.

In general, the auto show has achieved the goals set in the early stage and exceeded the expected number of orders. During the activity, there were many customers asking for price, and the interaction with staff was perfect. Indeed, a happy consumer response would be the best gift for all of us. Finally, on behalf of all the staff in my department, I wish Fast a prosperous and successful future.

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